Live Event Streaming Videography in London

Whether you have an audience of one or five hundred, live streaming can take your event in London to the world.

As a small powerhouse of London videographers, Film Your Event has been offering live event streaming services across London for the last 5 years, though our independent video production experience is nearing 15 years.

Live Event Streaming – Connecting You to Your People

With the help of live event streaming videographers, you can connect directly to your customers, your colleagues, your students, your target market and your industry peers.

At Film Your Event, we have a wealth of experience in live event streaming. We specialise in streaming small to medium sized indoor events. Our expertise sees London live event streaming delivered seamlessly.

Our professional live streaming service can be broadcast across a single private or public domain, meaning you have total control of who watches your content.

What Events Can Our Live Streaming Cover?

In short, we specialise in streaming small to medium sized corporate conferences, CEO announcements and AGM meetings.However, our London videographers have a vast amount of experience filming and editing a great variety of events. From simple conferences to funerals, you can be certain that your live event streaming is in excellent hands. Below, you can see some of our most frequently requested event types for our live streaming services:

  • Conferences and seminars
  • Award ceremonies
  • CEO / Corporate announcements
  • Interviews
  • Press conferences and panel discussions
  • Live demonstrations

Stress-Free London Live Event Streaming VideographyService

Putting together an event, no matter where it sits on the scale, can prove stressful. We hope to take some of that stress away by providing a totally professional and experience-led live event streaming service.

Having worked together for over 13 years, our dedicated team of professional event videographers won’t cause disruption to your even by rushing around. We choreograph and direct the entire live event streaming process, keeping things running smoothly throughout. That includes the set up of our premier and reliable filming and live streaming equipment, working alongside the venue and their team and any additional service you may require.

Beyond the Live Streaming Event Service

In addition to our London event live streaming, we can also offer a full edited copy of the event as well as a short overview video which may be used as a marketing tool. If you decide that these products would be beneficial, we will deliver it to you in HD or 4K quality and in the most suitable file format so that it can be easily shared, transferred and uploaded.

Why Choose Film Your Event?

We are really proud of the live event streaming service that we deliver to our clients across London. Here are just some of the things you will benefit from in choosing Film Your Event:

  • More than 13 years’ industry experience
  • HD quality live streaming for your event in London
  • A reliable, finely-tuned live event streaming service
  • Friendly and professional approach
  • Excellent communication from pre to post event
  • Low cost without compromising on quality

To learn more about our live event streaming videography service in London, get in touch with the team at Film Your Event today.