Corporate Announcement Live Streaming

CEO and Corporate Announcement Live Streaming

If your company’s CEO or corporate team have a large announcement to make, it is important that all members of staff, shareholders and anyone involved receive the information in a clear and concise way.

With more and more people working from home, it may be the case that members of the team are in multiple locations, making it difficult to communicate with everyone at the same time.

Our CEO and corporate live streaming services allow companies to broadcast announcement and messages to their entire workforce whilst still maintaining social distancing measures and government guidelines.

Our London videographers offer a variety of high-quality live streaming services whatever your company sector. Get in touch today to find out more, or to discuss your requirements with our team.


Reach Members of the Company Wherever They Are

Our CEO/corporate live streaming will allow the company to make their large-scale announcements to their audience virtually. Not only does this reduce the need for large groups of people to gather together, it also means that venue capacity is not an issue.

Our live streams can be accessed by anyone with a Zoom/Skype link or a password protected URL, depending on which platform you prefer. This means that wherever your audience are in the world, they can either watch the live streamed announcement as it is happening, or at a later time if they are not available to view it live.

Communication is key within a company, and our live streaming services provide excellent solutions ensuring that all-important messages, from announcing a new CEO through to awarding special recognition. Whatever your corporate announcement, at Film Your Event, we are here to help.


Equipment We Use

We ensure that all of our live streaming services are provided to the best possible professional quality and in-line with your company’s branding.

Our London videographers use advanced Sennheiser audio-visual equipment to ensure your announcements are received clearly and that your audience feels as immersed as possible.

Using Sony cameras and professional 4k broadcast equipment, you can rest assure that your corporate announcement will be shot to the highest standard. The cameras we currently use include:

  • Sony PXW-FS7
  • Sony PXW-Z150
  • Sony PXW-Z90
  • Sony A7sii
  • Panasonic GH5

With many years of experience providing professional live streaming for a variety of sectors, we can take your ideas and preferences into consideration when devising a camera set-up to perfectly suit your needs and chosen venue.


Book Corporate Announcement Live Streaming

If you have an upcoming corporate or CEO announcement that requires live streaming, please call our London videographers today.

We aim to provide live streaming solutions to help companies function as normally as possible during these unprecedented times.

To find out more, or to speak to our videographers directly, please call 07961985008 or send an email to

Alternatively, feel free to leave us a message using the online contact form.