The Future of Corporate Event Management

With the global pandemic interrupting many businesses’ ability to deliver large, live conferences and corporate events, there’s been a move towards live-streamed online content. While this solution meant that the events industry could continue providing a key service to companies across London, what we’ve learned has allowed us to innovate in the post-COVID era and reach more people with more engaging content.

We believe that moving forward, the advantages of hybrid events from both value and quality perspectives will mean the most dynamic companies will transition to an integrated approach sooner rather than later. At Film Your Event, we’re here to make that transition as smooth as possible, and our London Videography team will work closely with you to ensure your event is the best it can be.

What is a ‘Hybrid Event’?

A hybrid event is the fusion of an in-person and online audience engagement with your content. This isn’t simply filming a live event for at-home viewing, but a technologically-integrated conference where both live and online audience members are as involved and as important as each other. The concept of integrated live and online events is a relatively new one, but at Film Your Event we’ve found from conferences we’ve catered to in London, there are ways to maximise engagement and value for your event.

We offer a bespoke package for corporate conferences and events to facilitate a seamless integration between your in-person and online audiences. You should be able to offer delineated content to both of your separate groups to help create an exceptional presentation to everyone in attendance, and we’ll be able to help you deliver an unimpeachable service.

Increase Attendance and Engagement

A hybrid event can really boost your business and conference profile, allowing you to create an almost limitless audience for your speakers across the streaming and in-person crowds. While your live attendees might be taking part in a networking session, you can offer specialised talks from industry experts to your online audience with question-and-answer sections to boost interaction and engagement.

With increased attendance and audience participation obviously comes increased sponsorship opportunities, with sponsors looking to tap into the growing hybrid conference sector due to sometimes huge levels of attendance.

The introduction of integrated live and online events across London has allowed our clients to create events which leave an impact on every attendee, and we’re constantly looking to improve our offerings in this emerging field.

Quality Guaranteed

At Film Your Event, we use broadcast-quality, 4K cameras and advanced Sennheiser audio-visual equipment to deliver crisp sound and picture quality. We are the premier London videographer firm for hybrid events, with the cutting edge in not only equipment but also technique. Our work in the past year has prepared us to deliver you an expert service unparalleled in London.

Contact us today to discuss your requirements, such as a multicamera set-up or any other bespoke filming needs.

Why Choose Film Your Event?

Our experienced, award-winning team are well-versed in the events industry, and we’re proud of everything we’ve done in our 14 years’ filming and streaming. We deliver a quality, professional service for events across London, communicating with you throughout the process to ensure that you get the exact product you require.

Our bespoke approach to hybrid events can help you navigate this emerging service and give you the advantage over competitors. Get in touch with our friendly team to discuss how we can help create an excellent hybrid event for your business in London.

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