Top 5 Venues for Event Videography in London

Top 5 Venues for Event Videography in London

There are hundreds of magnificent venues in London that would be perfect for hosting a conference or corporate event. From an event videography point of view, the venue can really make the event film something special. To go some way into helping you make that all-important venue decision, here are five recommended London venues suitable for a corporate event or conference.


  1. The Top Deck – The Yacht London

The Top Deck is a truly magnificent venue and is the ideal location for event filming. The Yacht is located on Temple Pier at Victoria Embankment. Despite the fact The Yacht is permanently moored, you still benefit from the fantastic panoramic views which generate the perfect backdrop for event videography.

The venue is much larger than you would anticipate an added bonus for the camera crew as it allows them to make full use of the space and capture mesmerising event videos in London. There are four separate event areas situated over three decks enabling you to select the right space to suits your requirements.

Whether you are looking to arrange an event in the summer or the winter, the Top Deck is a great choice. There is space to dine inside the yacht but also space to appreciate the stunning views outside. London is so picturesque in the evening, the tall skyscrapers really help exaggerate the lively atmosphere, the streets filled with the hustle and bustle of daily life. The view displays iconic London containing some of the most well known London attractions such as the London Eye, the shard and 20 Fenchurch. Having these classic London landmarks as features in the event film will improve the relevancy considering you are a company based in London hosting an event or conference.


  1. Gladstone Library – At One Whitehall Place

Gladstone Library is located in Central London within close proximity to Charing Cross Station. There is a significant history behind Gladstone Library which was formerly the library for the National Liberal club, home to over 25,000 books. It can now be hired out as a stunning venue for events, weddings, conferences, receptions, fashion shows and filming locations and is the perfect location to produce stunning event videography.

The Gladstone Library is such a unique setting it is bound to improve any event or conference videography with the beautiful historic quirks featuring as part of the event film. This is a venue which would be hired to host a grand event, one that is looking for a more opulent atmosphere as the building is full of majesties with its decadent interiors it will definitely have a lasting impression as an event venue and create excellent event filming.

The venue has elegant chandeliers, high ceilings and large windows to help create a more special setting and one that is great for hosting an elegant company event.


  1. L39 & L40 – At Searcys at The Gherkin

The Gherkin is one of the most iconic buildings in London and therefore, would be the ideal place to host a company event or conference and capture some of the best parts through some amazing event videography.

The views from the Gherkin are undeniably mesmerising both during the day and night allowing the videographer to carry out spectacular event filming at all stages of the event. The iconic, transparent dome roof exposes more of what London has to offer to allow the audience to get a full panoramic view of London. This helps to create a magical atmosphere for your guests who can witness the dynamic, fast past London scene displayed through a blanket of lights to establish an awe-inspiring view which will look amazing as part of your event video.

The Gherkin has state of the art facilities which will not go unnoticed by your guests. Holding a conference in such an elaborate venue will no doubt incur certain expectations. The high-class facilities will go some way into making your event operate more smoothly allowing you to have a more stress-free, enjoyable experience. They are also an added bonus for the filming team allowing your final event or conference film to be produced to a high quality.


  1. Nuffield Hall – Regents Park

Nuffield Hall is located on the parameters of Regents Park, one of London’s most loved parks full of beauty and serenity. This central location is the perfect destination for hosting a conference or corporate event. The venue is spacious and can hold up to 320 people for a conference, and 220 guests for any other event which will include a formal dinner and awards ceremony. The venue is the epitome of grandeur. Its excellent presentation means there should be no concerns when it comes to the event videography.

The venue interior is very grand benefiting from floor to ceiling windows allowing the venue to fill with natural light which will also help the videographer when producing your event film that when finalised, will look superb.

Nuffield Hall is particularly great in the summer as you can really make use of the location. The varying locations will not only make the event more varied but will also add a new dimension to the conference/event videography.

  1. One Marylebone

Marylebone One opened its doors to the world of events in 2006, since then it is hosted hundreds of events and is fast becoming one of the more sought after venues in the capital. This magnificent venue has a worthy reputation and has been the venue of choice for a number of A-List events. There is no doubt it would look great as the background to an event film. It has a very central location being positioned on the Euston Road close to Great Portland Street tube station. The Grade 1 listed building has both an impressive exterior and an exquisite interior design.

The architecture of the building is truly spectacular and will help to produce breathtaking event videography. The intricate design that has gone into the interior of Marylebone one should not be underappreciated and demonstrates the amazing craftsmanship that has gone into the design.


It is clear that when it comes to selecting a venue for a conference or corporate event it can be a challenging decision. What is clear, is that there are some amazing venues in London, all of which would be great for a conference or event that would naturally lend to some amazing event filming. For more information about our event filming or conference videography, please call us today on 07961 8985 008 or email