How to professionally film an interview

How to professionally film an interview

Arranging an interview, for whatever the purpose, takes a lot of careful consideration and planning. Whether a new member of the board has joined your company or a founder is recording a speech for an event or conference, interview filming is difficult to get right if you are not prepared for everything it entails. This is why you should always opt for a professional interview videographer in London, because these are the steps we take to ensure your interview filming runs smoothly:

Preparing Your Interview Subject

Preparing your interview subject is always the first step anyone should take before interview filming. For this, we will direct them and tell them everything that will happen during the interview process, potential questions that may be asked, and give a light briefing on what the interview needs to include. Alternatively, we can also assist in the creation and implementation of a script or soft structure to your filming. Prepping will also ensure we can recommend clothing choices. This might seem arbitrary, but trust us that this is important. Any patterns or logos can lead to dizzying footage and even copyright issues.


Natural light is always our first choice when interview filming, though for ‘talking heads’ this may be impractical, especially if you are introducing or interviewing someone with a corporate background. This is why we will utilise all of our industry-leading lighting equipment to professionally light the subject’s face and profile, ensuring that there are no harsh shadows yet no stark details either. This bright yet soft lighting ensures accurate interview filming and footage captured without casting shadows.


Readying the camera, or multiple cameras, for your interview filming in London is also something we’ll happily take charge of. Arranging the depth of field, multiple angles, white balance, aspect ratio and perspective, and close-ups are all aspects of a professionally shot interview that we’ve used many times over for our happy clients. This allows for plenty of editing opportunities in post-production, making your filmed segment dynamic, engaging, and feeling a little more alive. We also film in 4K that allows for extra quality and different angles that can be created in post production.


During filming, it will be necessary to monitor the cameras for white balance, lighting, sound, steadiness, and natural human shifting on the part of the subject. We can shoot multiple takes, as many as it takes to get your interview right, and will continue to adjust all settings and set-ups until the optimum levels are reached for all and the best product is produced.

Interview Filming in London

Interview filming is a great way to introduce a new member of the board to your wider company, send a message across from your CEO to other offices around the world or to speak to key attendees at conferences. It can of course also be used for internal and external marketing purposes. Contact Film Your Event today to discuss your interview project with a professional London videographer or call us directly on +44(0)7961985008.