Interview Filming

Interview filming, or talking head style filming, is very effective in communicating core values and messages from influential people at your meeting, conference, or event. As professional corporate videographers, the footage and videos we produce make compelling pieces of marketing and PR as well as informative content. At Film Your Event, our team have been professionally filming and editing interview footage for years, and are some of the most trusted corporate event videographers in London.

Professional Event and Interview Filming

Whether you are unveiling a newly completed project to stakeholders and team members, holding an annual conference or summit, or discussing the important work you do with potential investors, corporate event videography helps to communicate and promote what you do. Interview filming ensures that the individual or representative on camera can communicate beliefs, values, and what you will deliver in a controlled and confident manner.

The Filming Process

We don’t simply film the interview, but will help you plan and manage the footage for best use. We will assist in prepping your interview subject with prompts, run them through our process, and give a light briefing on script or structure. We can use one or multiple cameras in order to capture different angles and produce multiple takes if necessary. Our bright yet soft professional lighting ensures clarity in all of our footage. We ensure we have plenty of recorded interview footage for editing purposes so we will never be short of high-quality material we have sourced ourselves.

During our filming, we will monitor the camera, angles, lighting, and the interview subject(s) to ensure the footage we collect meets our own and your high standards.

Interview Filming in London

Whether you are filming delegates at a conference for future promotional materials or are informing the public or investors of your continued hard work, choose Film Your Event. Our skilled team of conference videographers have worked with clients across a multitude of industries, delivering high-quality and professionally edited video footage for your business’ use.

Contact Film Your Event today to discuss your interview project with a professional London videographer or call us directly on +44(0)7961985008.