Interview Filming in London

Interview Filming in London

A large part of event filming in London involves filming interviews. It is important to understand the importance of high-quality interview filming and to execute its delivery to the same standard. Interview filming can be a difficult concept to grasp due to the number of elements that need to be perfect in order to produce high-quality footage. There are various elements to bear in mind to ensure the footage you get is of excellent quality and engaging for the audience. Two important things to remember are the interview set up and the preparation of the interviewee.

When it comes to event videography in London, in particular, interview filming, it is fundamental that the room is set up in a way that allows the audience to maintain concentration levels throughout the interview. The surrounding background should be free from clutter or unnecessary objects. You want the audience to focus the majority of their attention on the person or people being interviewed rather than irrelevant items in the background.

In terms of the room set up, lighting should also be a consideration. For interview filming in London, you can create the perfect lighting using only three lights. These consist of the ‘key light’ which should be the brightest light, the ‘fill light’ which facilitates the key light and finally the ‘fill light’ whose job it is to separate the subject from the background. The latter is very important, especially when undergoing interview filming or any other kind of event filming in London as it helps to reduce glare.

A further consideration when undertaking interview filming would be the positioning of people when there is more than one person being interviewed. This will determine where the camera needs to be angled and the positioning of both people. Obviously, it is vital that faces can be detected through the lens to ensure a clear visual event film can be produced.

Ensure you give yourself plenty of time to set the scene for your interview filming. The location needs to be right. This is very important for any kind of event videography in London but especially for interviews. Find a quiet location one that sets the scene, a relevant background can be very helpful from the audience’s point of view, giving them an insight into the interview and an idea about what to expect.

From a technical perspective, you are ready to start shooting some excellent interview filming in London. However, before you do, it is important to ensure the person or persons being interviewed are fully prepared. They should know what they are going to do, what they will say and where the cameras will be positioned. The interviewee’s should also be dressed appropriately, but these are things they should have been briefed on prior to the interview filming. Speaking to the interviewee’s prior to the interview filming will just reassure them and give them some more confidence. Additionally, give you the opportunity to ensure you are all on the same page.

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