The Immediate Advantages of Corporate Videos

The Immediate Advantages of Corporate Videos

Why do businesses invest in corporate videos? It’s a valid question, and if you’re new to the world of video production and run your own company, this is something worthy of further investigation. If you are thinking about filming your corporate event, and are weighing up the benefits of this course of action, let us explain some of the immediate advantages right here at Film Your Event.

It’s a brilliant way to market your business

When you film any type of event you get to capture the occasion in all of its glory and the footage becomes an accurate representation of the atmosphere experienced at the time. Watch the footage and you instantly feel the tone, plus it’s a fun way to tell a story. You showcase your business through a video and tell your story in an entertaining way, using footage that’s friendly to the user and focuses on the benefits of your business.

You can tell a story in a short space of time

Corporate videos can be as long as you like, but the recommendation for videos you want to post online is to keep them to around five minutes to retain viewer interest. You can explain the advantages of your business through the video in a reasonable timeframe, more so than television commercials for example, which usually range from 30 seconds to a maximum of 3 minutes. A five minute corporate video can deliver a wealth of information and do so in an enjoyable but informative way.

Search engines like videos

Corporate videos are the ideal way to advertise your business online. Sites like YouTube are the perfect platform for this type of advertising, and you can achieve pretty impressive results and gain a growing following by sharing your videos online. Also, by having videos on your website this makes it more entertaining for surfers online who can appreciate the high quality and creativity that goes into making the video, as well as keeping up-to-date with the achievements of your organisation.

Videos are easier to follow

People like to assimilate information as quickly as possible these days, and it’s well-known that online browsers will skim and scan websites to look for quicker ways to grab the information they need. Videos are perfect for this. Why bother reading details about a business, when you can simply watch moving footage that tells you everything you need to know about the company in question?

It’s ideal for marketing or recruitment purposes

Corporate videos are the ideal marketing vehicle for your company and they can be extremely useful for the recruitment of key personnel. Add a video to your website and this is a good way to entice applicants by showing them a little bit about your business culture so they feel like they know your company a little more. If you want to get your company noticed and make it seem an appealing place to work, a video production can be a powerful and persuasive tool.
There are many advantages to producing a corporate video and the benefits mentioned here simply scratch the surface. Find out more and see how our professional corporate videography can make a difference to your business, simply contact us online or call us today on 07961 985008.