Funeral Live Streaming

As the pandemic continues to affect many aspects of our lives, the current guidelines still state that attendees at a funeral should be limited to the closest family members.

This is in order to help reduce further spread of the virus, but can be an extremely difficult thing to hear if you’ve lost a loved one that perhaps you are not an immediate family member of.

Our funeral live streaming service aims to create a risk-free alternative to the social gathering, allowing an extended group of family and friends to say their goodbyes remotely, protecting the funeral staff and the immediate family attending the ceremony in person.

It is perhaps not the most conventional way to attend a funeral, but our live streaming service can bridge the gap until social distancing guidelines are relaxed even further. To find out more about funeral live streaming in London, please get in touch.

Say Goodbye Wherever You Are

Our funeral live streaming service is a real-upload of the funeral ceremony, allowing guests that cannot physically attend to watch online at the same time.

We privately live stream funerals using Skype or Zoom, ensuring that only the people you want to attend the funeral will be able to view the ceremony online.

An additional benefit of funeral live streaming is that the service can be recorded at the same time, meaning that if people are unavailable at the time of the live stream, or if they have a poor internet connection, or are perhaps watching in a different time zone, they can watch the funeral at a later time that suits them.

Our Funeral Live Streaming Equipment

At Film Your Event, we will use advanced Sennheiser audio visual equipment to make sure that your funeral live streaming service has professional, and clear audio. We also make use of 4K broadcast cameras and professional Sony cameras, ensuring the visual are shot to a high standard. The cameras we currently use include:

  • Sony PXW-Z150
  • Sony PXW-Z90
  • Sony A7sii

If you think you’ll need more than one camera setup, our team will advise you on the best solution for ensuring all aspects of the funeral are captured.

Prior to the ceremony, we will set up our cameras in your chosen chapel or crematorium, making sure we use a setup that will allow those viewing the funeral live stream to feel as immersed as possible. We are also able to move around from the chapel to the burial grounds for example and don’t have to be fixed in one position.

Book Funeral Live Streaming

Get in touch today to book, or find out more about our professional funeral live streaming services in London. We understand that this may be an extremely difficult time, which is why we approach all of our funeral live streams with the utmost level of respect and sensitivity.

Please call 07961985008, send an email to, or leave us a message using our online contact form.