Why Use Professional Live Streaming for Your Event?

Why Use Professional Live Streaming for Your Event?

If everyone can’t make it to your event, have you considered Live Streaming? Whether it is a special business event, product launch or even a family occasion, Live Streaming could be the answer.

With technology the world has become smaller, it is easier than ever to emigrate abroad to work from home in the sun and with hectic lifestyles there is no such thing as a simple 9-5 Monday to Friday job. Which is why event videographers are becoming the norm at corporate events in London. Whether it is a workshop, a business conference, product launch, corporate announcement or AGM, live event filming in London guarantees that no-one will miss out.

Reach a larger audience

It is not always easy for businesses to send individuals to conferences and seminars, the cost of transport alone can rise into hundreds of pounds. Letting your employees from other offices watch an important corporate announcement or your shareholders from across the world, ‘attend’ and AGM has never been easier. With live streaming your corporate event in London, businesses and individuals can login from home or the office to watch your conference. If you are launching a new business or product you can’t beat the exposure that live filming in London will give your brand.

Product Launch

Launching a product? You want to get your product seen by as many people as possible, and the best people to sell your product are the passionate people who created it. Websites are great, however nothing beats an inspired person talking about their product to the right target audience. Live video events are a fantastic opportunity to invite people to watch your product being launched and gauge interest.

Never Miss a Special Occasion

It is almost guaranteed that there will be at least one family member or close friend who lives thousands of miles away and can’t make it to your special occasion. What about someone who can’t come due to illness? Long gone are the days when they would have to miss out and only see photos, with live event filming in London make sure your family and friends get to see the special occasion.

Personal Touch

Bring your marketing to life, show a personal touch in a live video. Businesses want to know who they are dealing with nowadays; a great product isn’t always enough. Your clients want to get to know you and understand your product. With live event filming you can engage with your customers selling the features and benefits of your product or business and build trust.


Have you ever been so engrossed in a talk or conference that you forgot to take notes, or you were enjoying the special day so much that you missed the best bits? With conference and workshop filming in London, never miss a part, rewatch the event as often as you need to get the most out of it.

Live event streaming is more cost-effective than you think, with a range of packages available whether you are hosting a conference, a workshop, a product launch. With a package you can get live streaming of your event followed by professional editing and delivery to you for future use. Film Your Event are specialists in filming conferences and events from any size up to 500 people and offer a complete service with a wide range of packages to suit your budget.

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