Five Different Styles A Videographer Might Use

Five Different Styles A Videographer Might Use

A wedding video is a wonderful way for you to capture your big day.  It will enable you the opportunity to show far more of what happened than any photograph could.  This is one of the main reasons why so many couples are now choosing to hire a videographer along with a photographer for their big day.  

When it comes to choosing the right London videographer for your big occasion there are certain things that need to be considered.  One of the most important of these is what style of videography does the videographerlike to use.  

Below we are going to give you a brief breakdown of the styles of videography that are often used. 

Guide To Wedding Videography Styles

As you look at a wedding videographer in London website to decide which one is right for your big day, you will notice that tend to use shorthand terms to describe the styles of wedding video they can offer you.  But just what do these terms mean? 

Well, below we discuss these in a little more detail so you can better understand what they are and which style will help to capture your big day perfectly. 


This type of videography is filmed and edited so it resembles a movie, all in order to help emphasize the drama and emotion of your big day.   Such videography may feature a lot more movement and may rely on montages, special effects or music.   

A videographer located in London who uses this style may wish to interact with your more on the day.  On average you can expect to receive a video from them that last for between 60 and 90 minutes.

Short Form

This style of videography is becoming increasingly popular and is a highly edited version of a wedding video that lasts for between 15 and 50 minutes.   The actual way in which the video has been filmed will be very similar to cinematic style ones. 


Another popular style of video that couples are choosing to help provide a record of their big day.  This style often relies on a voiceover to help narrate the story about the couple and their wedding day, but not always. 

Some videographers based in London may use music, text or a combination of both to create your wedding video that will be more focused on your love story.


These style of videos tend not to have the same polished feel you would get from a cinematic style one.  A videographer in London who chooses this style prefers to capture moments that haven’t been staged or planned and provide you with a more realistic feel of what your wedding day was like.  

Additional audio is often included in such videos that relates to more formal parts of the day such as a reading during the wedding ceremony or words from the person who is officiating at your big day. 


This is the old style wedding video that you might expect to get if you were to ask a friend or family member to capture your big day for you on video.  But of course, if you were to hire the services of a professional videographer  they will produce a video with far better camera work. 

The videographer will film your wedding from start to finish and very little editing will be carried out to the finished product.  Such videos tend to last for between 2 and 3 hours.

Get Your Videographer In London

If any of these styles of videography are of interest to you then our videographer in London from Film Your Event will be more than happy to assist you with making your wedding day even more special.  We are more than happy to discuss each style of videography that you may be interested in to find one that suits your particular needs. 

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