How to professionally film an interview

Arranging an interview, for whatever the purpose, takes a lot of careful consideration and planning. Whether a new member of the board has joined your company or a founder is recording a speech for an event or conference, interview filming is difficult to get right if you are not prepared for everything it entails. This is why you should always opt for a professional interview videographer in London, because these are the steps we take to ensure your interview filming runs smoothly:

Preparing Your Interview Subject

Preparing your interview subject is always the first step anyone should take before interview filming. For this, we will direct them and tell them everything that will happen during the interview process, potential questions that may be asked, and give a light briefing on what the interview needs to include. Alternatively, we can also assist in the creation and implementation of a script or soft structure to your filming. Prepping will also ensure we can recommend clothing choices. This might seem arbitrary, but trust us that this is important. Any patterns or logos can lead to dizzying footage and even copyright issues.


Natural light is always our first choice when interview filming, though for ‘talking heads’ this may be impractical, especially if you are introducing or interviewing someone with a corporate background. This is why we will utilise all of our industry-leading lighting equipment to professionally light the subject’s face and profile, ensuring that there are no harsh shadows yet no stark details either. This bright yet soft lighting ensures accurate interview filming and footage captured without casting shadows.


Readying the camera, or multiple cameras, for your interview filming in London is also something we’ll happily take charge of. Arranging the depth of field, multiple angles, white balance, aspect ratio and perspective, and close-ups are all aspects of a professionally shot interview that we’ve used many times over for our happy clients. This allows for plenty of editing opportunities in post-production, making your filmed segment dynamic, engaging, and feeling a little more alive. We also film in 4K that allows for extra quality and different angles that can be created in post production.


During filming, it will be necessary to monitor the cameras for white balance, lighting, sound, steadiness, and natural human shifting on the part of the subject. We can shoot multiple takes, as many as it takes to get your interview right, and will continue to adjust all settings and set-ups until the optimum levels are reached for all and the best product is produced.

Interview Filming in London

Interview filming is a great way to introduce a new member of the board to your wider company, send a message across from your CEO to other offices around the world or to speak to key attendees at conferences. It can of course also be used for internal and external marketing purposes. Contact Film Your Event today to discuss your interview project with a professional London videographer or call us directly on +44(0)7961985008.

How event videography forms part of your content marketing

Event videography in London is a rich basket full of marketing material ready to be utilised around different content-sharing channels. A conference or corporate event needs a videographer to capture all of the hard work and organisation that has gone into it, but it also captures brilliant footage for marketing materials. Discover the potential in our latest post.

Conference Videography for Business to Businesses

When hosting a conference or a trade show, your event space is going to be full of professional people networking, chatting, and exhibiting their services. Capturing all of this on camera and turning it into event videography really communicates the calibre of the professionals your event attracts, and therefore the calibre of your own company and services. For example, if you’re an industry-leading company engaging with other big names and up-and-coming names, you’re instantly associated with a thriving and evolving landscape. Using this corporate event and conference videography to therefore advertise your next event or to reinforce your own brand image in marketing materials instils credibility and a need to be at your next function.

Videography for Internal Marketing

Using workshop videography as part of your internal marketing is equally valuable too. When you work in a large company, it can be difficult to keep your large staff base in the know regarding events and development, especially if you have multiple offices or premises. Using corporate videography to communicate how well a trade show went, the success of a new workshop or a presentation at a conference helps to show your employees what other staff members are achieving and how the company continues to progress. This is motivating and fulfilling because it gives staff members a sense of being invested in – they’re purposefully being communicated to.

Videos as a Communication Medium

Videos, in general, have been shown to be extremely engaging and influence the behaviour of the audience. In business to consumer efforts they influence buying behaviour, and in business to business relationships they certainly instil a level of professionalism and credibility. They engage different senses, stimulate the brain, and communicate dynamically with your audience. There is plenty of scope for video marketing, especially within the corporate sector, so take advantage of our services today.

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Why You Should Use a Videographer for Your London Event

Visual entertainment is becoming increasingly important in our lives. With easy internet access to almost everyone in the world, studies are showing that over 200 videos a month are watched by the average internet user. With the rising demand for visual stimulation, it is very evident that the video content market will only grow stronger.

Events Videographer in London

Here at Film Your Event, we have over 13 years’ of experience in corporate events videography in London. The world is paying more and more attention to details, such as the quality of the video, the technicalities of the video, the sound of the video and the editing. Your videos need to look professional, which is why your video has to be made by professionals who excel in their fields. Many of our clients are new to the world of professional video production but can trust that we will guide them through the entire process, ensuring the event’s success and your satisfaction.

We specialise in corporate events videography including conferences, seminars, presentations, and more. Video marketing is a very useful tool for companies and businesses so, if you are looking for a conference videographer in London, you have come to the right place.

Video marketing and the constant need for new innovative ideas is important to impress your viewers. By recording your conference professionally with HD Broadcast quality and sound, you can upload it to your website and share it on social media. At Film Your Event, we prioritise your requirements. This means our professionals will work to promote your brief and brand message and we always ensure we do it well. We provide multiple upload files to you, so that can share them on your website and across social media channels, including YouTube channels helping you to showcase your conferences, seminars, annual summits and many more.

Why Film Your Event?

Film Your Event has been in this industry for more than 13 years and have the best professionals in London who are experienced in their field of work. Using quality filming equipment, our world-class team produce smooth and impressive videos which are ready to be shared live or posted retrospectively across your chosen media channels. Our videography packages are affordable, without compromising on quality and efficiency for events including conferences, seminars and presentations.

With Film Your Event, you can be certain of a professional videography service for your London event. Below, you can see a list of services we offer for your corporate events videography across London.

Our Services:

  1. Conferences and Seminars

We specialize in conference and seminar videography and we can cover events of up to 500 people. We also provide small overview videos which help clients in marketing.

  • Presentations

We specialize in presentation videography, which means you get your event filmed with the same professionalism from our experts behind the lens and sound. We also provide small overview videos for presentations.

  • Corporate Events

We excel at filming all kinds of corporate events from panel discussions to demonstrations. We offer bespoke filming events which suit our client’s needs and meets their requirement.

  • Workshops

Want to get your workshop filmed by professionals? Call us today and get your free quotation now! From a single camera to multiple camera setup, we have it all!

  • Meetings

Here at Film Your Event, we make sure your event runs smoothly. Even if you are confused with the whole setup and how it works, you don’t need to worry at all. We will guide you while working.

  • Annual Summit Videography

As London is a big junction for businesses and marketplaces, annual summit and similar corporate events are being filmed by our professionals. We don’t compromise on our quality. This is what makes our clients happy and makes our company more trustworthy.

  • Live Event Streaming Videography in London

We use high definition broadcast cameras for events like these. Filming and streaming your event live is no longer a problem. High-quality production guaranteed.

  • Event photography in London

We also have offer event photography services.

For more information about Videography for your event in London, contact Film Your Events today on  07961985008, or by filling out our online form.

Why Use Professional Live Streaming for Your Event?

If everyone can’t make it to your event, have you considered Live Streaming? Whether it is a special business event, product launch or even a family occasion, Live Streaming could be the answer.

With technology the world has become smaller, it is easier than ever to emigrate abroad to work from home in the sun and with hectic lifestyles there is no such thing as a simple 9-5 Monday to Friday job. Which is why event videographers are becoming the norm at corporate events in London. Whether it is a workshop, a business conference, product launch, corporate announcement or AGM, live event filming in London guarantees that no-one will miss out.

Reach a larger audience

It is not always easy for businesses to send individuals to conferences and seminars, the cost of transport alone can rise into hundreds of pounds. Letting your employees from other offices watch an important corporate announcement or your shareholders from across the world, ‘attend’ and AGM has never been easier. With live streaming your corporate event in London, businesses and individuals can login from home or the office to watch your conference. If you are launching a new business or product you can’t beat the exposure that live filming in London will give your brand.

Product Launch

Launching a product? You want to get your product seen by as many people as possible, and the best people to sell your product are the passionate people who created it. Websites are great, however nothing beats an inspired person talking about their product to the right target audience. Live video events are a fantastic opportunity to invite people to watch your product being launched and gauge interest.

Never Miss a Special Occasion

It is almost guaranteed that there will be at least one family member or close friend who lives thousands of miles away and can’t make it to your special occasion. What about someone who can’t come due to illness? Long gone are the days when they would have to miss out and only see photos, with live event filming in London make sure your family and friends get to see the special occasion.

Personal Touch

Bring your marketing to life, show a personal touch in a live video. Businesses want to know who they are dealing with nowadays; a great product isn’t always enough. Your clients want to get to know you and understand your product. With live event filming you can engage with your customers selling the features and benefits of your product or business and build trust.


Have you ever been so engrossed in a talk or conference that you forgot to take notes, or you were enjoying the special day so much that you missed the best bits? With conference and workshop filming in London, never miss a part, rewatch the event as often as you need to get the most out of it.

Live event streaming is more cost-effective than you think, with a range of packages available whether you are hosting a conference, a workshop, a product launch. With a package you can get live streaming of your event followed by professional editing and delivery to you for future use. Film Your Event are specialists in filming conferences and events from any size up to 500 people and offer a complete service with a wide range of packages to suit your budget.

For more information, about live event filming in London, please call us today on 079761 985008, alternatively, you can fill in our online form or send an e-mail to and one of our friendly team will be in touch.

Five Different Styles A Videographer Might Use

A wedding video is a wonderful way for you to capture your big day.  It will enable you the opportunity to show far more of what happened than any photograph could.  This is one of the main reasons why so many couples are now choosing to hire a videographer along with a photographer for their big day.  

When it comes to choosing the right London videographer for your big occasion there are certain things that need to be considered.  One of the most important of these is what style of videography does the videographerlike to use.  

Below we are going to give you a brief breakdown of the styles of videography that are often used. 

Guide To Wedding Videography Styles

As you look at a wedding videographer in London website to decide which one is right for your big day, you will notice that tend to use shorthand terms to describe the styles of wedding video they can offer you.  But just what do these terms mean? 

Well, below we discuss these in a little more detail so you can better understand what they are and which style will help to capture your big day perfectly. 


This type of videography is filmed and edited so it resembles a movie, all in order to help emphasize the drama and emotion of your big day.   Such videography may feature a lot more movement and may rely on montages, special effects or music.   

A videographer located in London who uses this style may wish to interact with your more on the day.  On average you can expect to receive a video from them that last for between 60 and 90 minutes.

Short Form

This style of videography is becoming increasingly popular and is a highly edited version of a wedding video that lasts for between 15 and 50 minutes.   The actual way in which the video has been filmed will be very similar to cinematic style ones. 


Another popular style of video that couples are choosing to help provide a record of their big day.  This style often relies on a voiceover to help narrate the story about the couple and their wedding day, but not always. 

Some videographers based in London may use music, text or a combination of both to create your wedding video that will be more focused on your love story.


These style of videos tend not to have the same polished feel you would get from a cinematic style one.  A videographer in London who chooses this style prefers to capture moments that haven’t been staged or planned and provide you with a more realistic feel of what your wedding day was like.  

Additional audio is often included in such videos that relates to more formal parts of the day such as a reading during the wedding ceremony or words from the person who is officiating at your big day. 


This is the old style wedding video that you might expect to get if you were to ask a friend or family member to capture your big day for you on video.  But of course, if you were to hire the services of a professional videographer  they will produce a video with far better camera work. 

The videographer will film your wedding from start to finish and very little editing will be carried out to the finished product.  Such videos tend to last for between 2 and 3 hours.

Get Your Videographer In London

If any of these styles of videography are of interest to you then our videographer in London from Film Your Event will be more than happy to assist you with making your wedding day even more special.  We are more than happy to discuss each style of videography that you may be interested in to find one that suits your particular needs. 

If you would like further information on our London videography services then please do not hesitate to get in contact with us by calling 07961 985 008to speak to one of our experienced professionals.  Alternatively, you can contact us by email at or by filling in our online inquiry form.  A member of our team will then arrange to discuss with you further what your requirements are.

Top Five Event Live Streaming Online Platforms

Sometimes you just can’t invite everyone you want to an event. And, not everyone you want to come can physically attend. Whether you’re hosting as corporate product launch in an auditorium and all the seats have been allocated or your wedding is on the horizon and once treasured friends have emigrated abroad making attending a mite challenging, sharing an occasion with those you really want can be challenging.

However, there is a solution – one that completely negates physical space, cost and distance. What are we talking about? Live streaming, of course.

Thanks to the evolution of online platforms, today its never been easier to live stream events.But, with a wealth of choice out there, it can be difficult for a videographer in London – or anywhere in the UK – to know which the best live streaming platform is best for your event.

Here are five separate live streaming platforms that are great to get you started. Best of all? They’re FREE to use!

Facebook Live

It appears Facebook is constantly coming up with new ways to keep us all connected with each other and the world around us. One of the more recent developments is Facebook Live which, as the name suggests, is a place where you can share what’s happening the moment it’s happening.

The benefit of Facebook Live is that it’s an established platform that we all know and love, allowing any event videographer in London the chance to broadcast the experience for viewers around the world to see. Not only that, broadcasting allows for real-time feedback through comments and track how many views the content is getting.

Facebook Live is a great introduction to live streaming and is perfect for event organisers who just want to jump straight in without worrying about the complexities of setting up and using other platforms.

Open Broadcaster Software

OBS or Open Broadcaster Software is a free open source free open source for live video streaming and recording. OBS is geared primarily towards online webcam broadcasters, however it’s also a great platform for broadcasting corporate event videography in London – and throughout the world. The software is available on Windows 7, 8 and 10, Mac OSX 10.8 and Linux.

Though the software does lack a dedicated tech support department, there is a strong online community in the shape of forums that will help you out should you need it.

OBS is a sound option for event planners who need software flexibility. It’s open-sourced nature enables users to alter the source code to fit their needs – providing that users have the know-how that is!


A live streaming app that’s also conversant with Windows and Mac computers, iOS devices and even online-ready cameras like GoPro, Live lets users run streaming different streaming sessions at the same time. This is fantastic for anyone wishing to hose a Facebook Live and YouTube stream at the same time. Perfect for corporate event videography in London, Live gives users the chance to maximise their audience by broadcasting through two separate social media platforms.

Broadcasts flow through a single program which makes managing event streaming so much easier as users don’t have to keep track of multiple channels or two separate dashboards when streaming an event.


Though it’s marketed towards a younger audience YouNow can be the perfect solution when broadcasting a live stream to a youthful demographic of people. Why? They use it just as much, if not more than other platforms.

The platform encourages broadcasters to add some personality to broadcasts which, as any corporate event videographer in London will tell you, is a great way to connect with people, getting them engaged in your brand and its products or services.

Creating and hosting your event broadcast is as simple as creating a searchable hashtag, taking a snapshot, clicking share and the Go Live button. Why is this so great? Think of it this way, it’s like a live streaming service for the Twitter generation.

This platform is the primary choice for event planners who want opportunity to reach a specific target demographic. Anything else? YouNow is also compatible with a wealth of different devices.

YouTube Live

Our final pick, but one that you shouldn’t discount because it’s the consummate video platform is YouTube Live. A free tool available to all Google and YouTube users, YouTube Live allows up to 10 broadcasters to participate simultaneously. Go link, send the link to anyone who you want to view the stream and share your event with ease.

In addition, YouTube Live allows viewers to interact with one another through live comments and it’s easy to schedule events and get everyone engaged. This can be a great option for corporate event videography, or indeed events of any nature.

YouTube Live is perfect for livestreaming events, is simple to setup and use, and offers users the chance to reach a massive, worldwide audience thanks to the social media platform’s market share.

These are just some of the foremost live streaming platforms an event videographer in London could use to promote an event. Looking to share a special occasion with others or promote a corporate event? These platforms are your best option.

Interview Filming in London

A large part of event filming in London involves filming interviews. It is important to understand the importance of high-quality interview filming and to execute its delivery to the same standard. Interview filming can be a difficult concept to grasp due to the number of elements that need to be perfect in order to produce high-quality footage. There are various elements to bear in mind to ensure the footage you get is of excellent quality and engaging for the audience. Two important things to remember are the interview set up and the preparation of the interviewee.

When it comes to event videography in London, in particular, interview filming, it is fundamental that the room is set up in a way that allows the audience to maintain concentration levels throughout the interview. The surrounding background should be free from clutter or unnecessary objects. You want the audience to focus the majority of their attention on the person or people being interviewed rather than irrelevant items in the background.

In terms of the room set up, lighting should also be a consideration. For interview filming in London, you can create the perfect lighting using only three lights. These consist of the ‘key light’ which should be the brightest light, the ‘fill light’ which facilitates the key light and finally the ‘fill light’ whose job it is to separate the subject from the background. The latter is very important, especially when undergoing interview filming or any other kind of event filming in London as it helps to reduce glare.

A further consideration when undertaking interview filming would be the positioning of people when there is more than one person being interviewed. This will determine where the camera needs to be angled and the positioning of both people. Obviously, it is vital that faces can be detected through the lens to ensure a clear visual event film can be produced.

Ensure you give yourself plenty of time to set the scene for your interview filming. The location needs to be right. This is very important for any kind of event videography in London but especially for interviews. Find a quiet location one that sets the scene, a relevant background can be very helpful from the audience’s point of view, giving them an insight into the interview and an idea about what to expect.

From a technical perspective, you are ready to start shooting some excellent interview filming in London. However, before you do, it is important to ensure the person or persons being interviewed are fully prepared. They should know what they are going to do, what they will say and where the cameras will be positioned. The interviewee’s should also be dressed appropriately, but these are things they should have been briefed on prior to the interview filming. Speaking to the interviewee’s prior to the interview filming will just reassure them and give them some more confidence. Additionally, give you the opportunity to ensure you are all on the same page.

If you require more information or wish to speak to our team about our London interview filming services, then please call us today on 07961 985 008 or email

Top 5 Venues for Event Videography in London

There are hundreds of magnificent venues in London that would be perfect for hosting a conference or corporate event. From an event videography point of view, the venue can really make the event film something special. To go some way into helping you make that all-important venue decision, here are five recommended London venues suitable for a corporate event or conference.


  1. The Top Deck – The Yacht London

The Top Deck is a truly magnificent venue and is the ideal location for event filming. The Yacht is located on Temple Pier at Victoria Embankment. Despite the fact The Yacht is permanently moored, you still benefit from the fantastic panoramic views which generate the perfect backdrop for event videography.

The venue is much larger than you would anticipate an added bonus for the camera crew as it allows them to make full use of the space and capture mesmerising event videos in London. There are four separate event areas situated over three decks enabling you to select the right space to suits your requirements.

Whether you are looking to arrange an event in the summer or the winter, the Top Deck is a great choice. There is space to dine inside the yacht but also space to appreciate the stunning views outside. London is so picturesque in the evening, the tall skyscrapers really help exaggerate the lively atmosphere, the streets filled with the hustle and bustle of daily life. The view displays iconic London containing some of the most well known London attractions such as the London Eye, the shard and 20 Fenchurch. Having these classic London landmarks as features in the event film will improve the relevancy considering you are a company based in London hosting an event or conference.


  1. Gladstone Library – At One Whitehall Place

Gladstone Library is located in Central London within close proximity to Charing Cross Station. There is a significant history behind Gladstone Library which was formerly the library for the National Liberal club, home to over 25,000 books. It can now be hired out as a stunning venue for events, weddings, conferences, receptions, fashion shows and filming locations and is the perfect location to produce stunning event videography.

The Gladstone Library is such a unique setting it is bound to improve any event or conference videography with the beautiful historic quirks featuring as part of the event film. This is a venue which would be hired to host a grand event, one that is looking for a more opulent atmosphere as the building is full of majesties with its decadent interiors it will definitely have a lasting impression as an event venue and create excellent event filming.

The venue has elegant chandeliers, high ceilings and large windows to help create a more special setting and one that is great for hosting an elegant company event.


  1. L39 & L40 – At Searcys at The Gherkin

The Gherkin is one of the most iconic buildings in London and therefore, would be the ideal place to host a company event or conference and capture some of the best parts through some amazing event videography.

The views from the Gherkin are undeniably mesmerising both during the day and night allowing the videographer to carry out spectacular event filming at all stages of the event. The iconic, transparent dome roof exposes more of what London has to offer to allow the audience to get a full panoramic view of London. This helps to create a magical atmosphere for your guests who can witness the dynamic, fast past London scene displayed through a blanket of lights to establish an awe-inspiring view which will look amazing as part of your event video.

The Gherkin has state of the art facilities which will not go unnoticed by your guests. Holding a conference in such an elaborate venue will no doubt incur certain expectations. The high-class facilities will go some way into making your event operate more smoothly allowing you to have a more stress-free, enjoyable experience. They are also an added bonus for the filming team allowing your final event or conference film to be produced to a high quality.


  1. Nuffield Hall – Regents Park

Nuffield Hall is located on the parameters of Regents Park, one of London’s most loved parks full of beauty and serenity. This central location is the perfect destination for hosting a conference or corporate event. The venue is spacious and can hold up to 320 people for a conference, and 220 guests for any other event which will include a formal dinner and awards ceremony. The venue is the epitome of grandeur. Its excellent presentation means there should be no concerns when it comes to the event videography.

The venue interior is very grand benefiting from floor to ceiling windows allowing the venue to fill with natural light which will also help the videographer when producing your event film that when finalised, will look superb.

Nuffield Hall is particularly great in the summer as you can really make use of the location. The varying locations will not only make the event more varied but will also add a new dimension to the conference/event videography.

  1. One Marylebone

Marylebone One opened its doors to the world of events in 2006, since then it is hosted hundreds of events and is fast becoming one of the more sought after venues in the capital. This magnificent venue has a worthy reputation and has been the venue of choice for a number of A-List events. There is no doubt it would look great as the background to an event film. It has a very central location being positioned on the Euston Road close to Great Portland Street tube station. The Grade 1 listed building has both an impressive exterior and an exquisite interior design.

The architecture of the building is truly spectacular and will help to produce breathtaking event videography. The intricate design that has gone into the interior of Marylebone one should not be underappreciated and demonstrates the amazing craftsmanship that has gone into the design.


It is clear that when it comes to selecting a venue for a conference or corporate event it can be a challenging decision. What is clear, is that there are some amazing venues in London, all of which would be great for a conference or event that would naturally lend to some amazing event filming. For more information about our event filming or conference videography, please call us today on 07961 8985 008 or email

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