Our experienced team of talented media professionals have been working for the BBC, Channel 4 and CurrrentTV. They have also won various film and documentary awards. The team continue to work as freelancers for other productions to  keep up to date with the industry and what’s new.

We offer a very bespoke and personal service at low cost and high quality. Film Your Event has experience from single-camera to large multi-camera video production set-ups.

Pieter Willemse FilmingPieter Willemse – Self shooting Producer/Director

Pieter is a self shooting producer/director who worked as an award winning photojournalist before switching to filmmaking 8 years ago. Since then he has worked on a wide variety of projects, from feature films and documentaries to corporate videos and events filming. This brings variety, flexibility and different viewpoints to the projects he is working on.Pieter is very efficient, reliable, flexible and works equally well in a team or individually. Colleagues and clients love working with Pieter – stating that he creates a positive atmosphere and environment both on and off set.

Pieter values lasting relationships and is still successfully producing work for clients he started working with 8 years ago.

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AndreaBernasconi_smallAndrea Bernasconi – Editor

Andrea has edited award-winning TV documentary series, short films, commercials, corporates, animation. Andrea has worked for broadcasters such as SKY ATLANTIC, MTV, CHANNEL 5, UKTV, DISCOVERY, CNBC, R.A.I, MEDIASET and various production companies between London, Brighton and Milan.

Andrea combines extensive commercial design, live action and animation experience with a constant eye on the evolution of aesthetics, client needs and technology.He is an accomplished and versatile editor with a wide range of skills and experience.

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DanielDaniel Wyszynski – Self shooting Producer/Director

Daniel is a self shooting producer/director with 17 years of experience. He has directed and filmed many commercials, corporate and music videos for a wide variety of corporate clients and television. Daniel is passionate about what he does and are always looking for interesting shots and ways to improve.

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AndrewAndrew Wiggzaro Vise – Self shooting Producer/Director

With close on two decades of experience as a professional music producer, recording, mixing and mastering engineer, Andrew has adapted to video production work like a fish adapting to a new fish tank. He has consistently been building up experience as both a cameraman, filming events and corporate videos, and as a video editor, and is rapidly expanding his experience with producing visual media creating a dynamic fusion between his mastery of audio production with his new found passion for video production.

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JeremyJeremy Clancy – The ideas man and film making maverick

As a creative specialist in ideation, story generation and narrative for businesses, Jeremy has a list of prestigious clients including Virgin Media, Iceland, The Inland Revenue and Coca-cola.

As an educator, he lectures at the University of Hertfordshire across 5 degrees – Film and TV, 2D animation, 3D animation, games Design and Visual Effects where he specialises in story telling and concept creation.

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SebSebastian Gill – Editor

Seb has been working for over 25 years as and editor and sound designer. He has been editing for broadcast televison, various production houses as well as working independently on feature films. Seb is also very proficient in creating graphics and little animations.

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