April 21, 2020 FilmYourEvent

If you have a London event arranged in the next few weeks, you may be concerned with how Coronavirus is going to affect it. As a developing global case, live event streaming could be your most sensible option.
The world of events is facing an ever-growing sense uncertainty with larger events being cancelled or postponed on a daily basis.
Working out the best approach for your event can be confusing, especially when the news is informing us of tactic changes every day. Due to the fast-paced nature of the virus’s spread, taking sensible precautions around your event seems like the best place to start.
Coronavirus aside, there are many advantages of recording and/or streaming your event live, but here are some of the reasons it could mean there is no need to cancel your event.

Filming and webcasting with Zoom.
An alternative and secure option is to stream your presentation and integrate it with the brilliant webcasting capabilities of Zoom, making it easy to track all attendees and have a live Q&A. It is also possible to pre-record your presentation or message and integrate that into your webinar.

Virtual Presence with Minimal Interaction
Whatever your small to medium sized event is, maybe a corporate meeting, a press conference or an award ceremony, live event streaming will allow all of your guests to be in attendance from the comfort of their homes or offices.
Social distancing is currently one of the main recommendations put in place to discourage the further spread of Coronavirus. With many smaller events taking place in confined spaces such as theatres, halls or lecture rooms, live streaming your London event will reduce the need for the gathering of many people into one space, without them missing the event.

Larger Audience Reach
Live event streaming on either YouTube, Twitter, Facebook means you’ll be able to reach an audience much larger than the capacity of your venue!
We offer secure live streaming options as well, if you’re hosting a private event, but if your London event will benefit from a larger audience tuning in, maybe a product launch or an awards evening, live event streaming has the potential to reach global audiences.
If you have clients or business partners abroad, travel restrictions due to Coronavirus could have brought your event to a standstill, but by live streaming it, it may not be as detrimental as first suspected. You will be able to reach your entire audience, and then some.

Available on Demand
We’re living in a massively uncertain time because of Coronavirus, which means audience members may end up missing your live streamed London event. But not to worry. The beauty of our live event streaming services means your recorded event can be re-watched at any time.
Should you require, we also offer a full edited copy of your London event that we deliver to you in HD or 4K quality, and in the most suitable file format so that it can be easily shared amongst your absent audience members, ensuring that no one misses out.

Organise you London Live Event Streaming Today
If you’re concerned about Coronavirus and how it may affect your upcoming live event, don’t take any chances. Organise your live event streaming today to ensure your audience members are staying safe without missing out.
Get in touch with Film Your Event; with more that 14 years of industry experience, we always provide the best quality videography whatever your London event. Take a look at our price list or contact us to chat to one of our team.