February 3, 2020 FilmYourEvent

Which interview filming style is the right one for your project? Whether you’re filming an interview as part of a longer video project, such as a company review, or simply as a talking head for a feature, choosing the right interview filming is integral to your communication. As professional event videographers in London, we know the power of a professionally produced interview and the sway it can hold over people, so we’re going to talk you through filming ‘to camera’ and ‘off camera’.

Or, as Shakespeare famously did not write: To camera, or not to camera?

Context is key

For us, the context of what you’re filming influences which filming style we’ll recommend. Are you filming a traditional interview video, or are you filming case study videos? These two techniques involve moving the camera just a fraction, but this fraction changes the whole intonation and atmosphere of the video.

When to use ‘to camera’ filming

If you’re giving a direct message to a group of people, then ‘to camera’ interview filming is your best option. For example, if you’re a director of a company addressing your employees for an annual review film or appealing directly to investors, then this is the best course of action. Looking directly into the camera communicates as more of a presentation or presenting information, and is a lot more directly and personally engaging by simulating eye contact.

When to use ‘off camera’ filming

However, if you’re trying to communicate facts, answering open-ended questions, or want to do more of an interview-style video, then off-camera is the best filming option. This could be useful for communicating a brand, an opinion, or addressing a topic that forms more of a narrative rather than direct appeal. More and more businesses are using ‘off camera’ for case study videos, depicting a client sharing their positive experience. Filming case studies is a great way of attracting new business and humbly advertising your successes, so this film style might be particularly useful for you and your team. It’s a little more natural and candid. The subject looks a little off camera or to the side, as if talking to an interviewer (which can be arranged if you’d like).

Video is a very engaging media form, because our brain processes the visual, audio, and narrative stimuli differently to simply reading the same information from a piece of paper. If you want your personal message or brand message to be internalised and remembered, then case study filming and interview filming is definitely the medium you need.

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